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Bridle Up Hope's vision is to partner with 1,000+ barns to bring hope to millions of girls and women worldwide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Read through our commonly asked questions for starting a Bridle Up Hope Chapter.
Do I need to form my own legal entity for my Bridle Up Hope Chapter?
Yes. When starting your own Bridle Up Hope Chapter, you will need to form your own legal entity, have your own bank account, hire and pay your own employees, etc...

Similar to opening a restaurant franchise, you will partner with Bridle Up Hope HQ for licensing, materials, and training—but will operate as a separate organization. You must establish your entity as a nonprofit organization with tax exemption status—501(c)(3) in the United States or your country's equivalent.
What are the qualifications to start a chapter?
We have chapters large and small throughout the world. We require that you have horses, a place to run the program, and follow legal requirements such as establishing your entity as a nonprofit organization.

You must have at least 25 participants complete the program yearly in order to be eligible for re-certification.
How long does it take to start a chapter?
From first contact to your first day of operations, starting a chapter typically takes anywhere from a few months to a year.
What is the cost to start a chapter?
Based on the licensing agreement with Bridle Up Hope HQ, there is a one-time $4,500 initial certification cost, $1,500 annual re-certification cost, and a $20 cost per Bridle Up Hope participant (this includes materials, books, t-shirt, etc.)

The cost for horses, instructors, barn maintenance, land, legal fees, other operating costs, etc. are the responsibility of the charter and vary widely according to size and location.

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