Lana Davies
President/Program Director
Denise Anderson
Shannon Barlow

EIN: 88-2613819

About Us

Being in Southeastern Idaho, we hold our sessions from June to September because it’s typically too wet and cold before June to start. There are two miniature horses as part of our team which are always a favorite with most everyone.

We are located about 5 miles out of town. You’ll find us as you drive the country roads amidst farm fields and expanding housing developments. We love to be out in the fresh country air but still not too far for families to drive from the city or surrounding areas.

Because we don’t have many obstructions, the sunsets are breathtaking and the sounds of summer might include crickets chirping, a variety of birds flying above, a neighboring donkey or cow and some of our own favorite barnyard friends like dogs, a cat and some chickens.

There are opportunities to spend time doing other things as well such as adding to a rock garden, enjoying some plant therapy and grounding opportunities through tending to a couple of raised bed gardens.

Our big red barn has become a landmark for the neighborhood and it not only houses horses off and on but provides a dry storage for their stack of hay for the winter months. It’s also used for a great backdrop once in a while.

The Tyhee flats have some great history of people living off of this land before it was developed to provide homes in the area. It’s a beautiful part of the Pocatello landscape.


The barn is open each day, but lessons times are determined once parents and instructors meet to determine which days work best.

Service Hours are typically Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 6:00 - 8:00 pm.