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Official Logo

Simplified Logo

The Pink Horseshoe

The official stacked logo for Bridle Up Hope: The Rachel Covey Foundation

Stacked Logo


"Hope Pink"

Original Bridle Up Hope primary pink used in call-to-actions and to show emphasis.


"Humble Pink"

Secondary pink used as an alternate to white for backgrounds.


"Bold Pink"

Tertiary pink for icons, lines, and highlighted text on light backgrounds.


"Horse Grey"

Not quite black, not quite grey. Used for headings, lines, and shadows.



Classic and clean. Used as our primary background color.


"Text Grey"

Used for paragraph and body text. Lighter than "Horse Grey" to show separation.





Used for main headers and titles.

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This is a subheading.

"Lato Bold 700"

Used for secondary headers and titles.

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This is body text. This is used for sentences, descriptions, etc.

"Lato Regular 400"

Used for paragraphs and general body text.

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Icons & Templates

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Official Icons (15+ assets)

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