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57% of girls describe life as hopeless. We're on a mission to change that.


Bridle Up Hope Participants

Since 2013, over 2,000 girls and women ages 12 and up have passed through our stables.


Call it "Life-Changing"

9 in 10 participants consider Bridle Up Hope to be a "life-changing" experience.


Global Locations

Our vision is to partner with 1,000+ barns to bring hope to millions of girls and women worldwide.


The Three Pillars

The Girl's and Women's Experiences are based on 3 unique pillars with proven benefits to build hope, confidence, and resilience.

1. Ride Horses

Develop the foundations of horsemanship with private lessons from a mentoring instructor. Research shows that riding and connecting with horses leads to significant physical, emotional, and psychological benefits.¹

girl smiling and looking at a horse

2. Learn Life Skills

Learn life skills through The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People which are integrated throughout the experience. Research shows that The 7 Habits are powerful tools to teach problem solving, positive peer interactions, self-leadership, and whole-person wellness.²

girl holding two 7 habits books

3. Serve Others

Build work ethic, friendships, and perspective through service at the barn. Research shows that building social connections in a safe place is one of the strongest protections against self-harm.³

girls doing art together
Get involved

Together, we can bring hope to thousands of girls.

Make a Contribution

As a certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Bridle Up Hope is made possible through generous donations. Currently, 65% of participants come from low-income households and are in need of scholarship assistance.

We invite you to consider making a contribution. Even $1/month makes a big difference!

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Share With a Friend

Think for a moment: Is there a girl or woman in your life that you could see benefitting from Bridle Up Hope?

If so, give us a follow on social media and like, share, and tag friends on our posts!

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Rep the Pink Horseshoe

Part of our mission is to make the pink horseshoe a recognizable symbol of hope throughout the world.

Rep hope through our high-quality clothing, accessories, and our adorable hope horsies. 100% of the profits from your purchase go to help girls and women at Bridle Up Hope!

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