Working with Kokomo

Working with Kokomo

When I first started at Bridle Up Hope I was very nervous and anxious of everything. I had very low confidence and wasn’t sure if I even wanted to be doing this. However, once I got there and met the horses and instructors, I really got to know them and my perspective changed.

While at Bridle Up Hope, I was given the incredible opportunity to ride Rachel’s favorite horse, Kokomo. He was headstrong and stubborn but with him I gained my confidence back. Kokomo is a big and very powerful horse that can be difficult to control. Working with him every week helped me because it took my focus away from the thoughts in my own mind and more toward him and the other girls at the barn.

Sadie was my incredible instructor and after every lesson she would go through one of the 7 Habits and really help me relate it to my life and others. She helped me set goals and gave me the love and support I needed. I love being able to apply the 7 Habits in my life, and I love being able to come back to Bridle Up Hope every week and volunteer with all the incredible girls there.

Bridle Up Hope has changed my life for the better and I will forever be grateful for it. Thank you, Bridle Up Hope, for everything.

<3 Lara

Names changed to protect privacy

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