What Bridle Up Hope taught my two daughters.

What Bridle Up Hope taught my two daughters.

The Hansen family's two daughters completed the Bridle Up Hope program in Fall 2018. This letter was written by the parents:

Dearest Bridle Up Hope,

We just want to take a moment of your time to somehow try to express the gratitude our family feels for this absolutely incredible program!  

There’s really no way to put into a little note the gratitude we feel for the life-changing and life-long influence this program has had in our girls’ lives.  

We’ve been truly amazed at how MUCH our two girls have LOVED their experience at Bridle Up Hope. It is obvious that they feel safe there, and that their Instructors in the program have been trusted friends that inspire confidence and hope to the girls’ hearts.

Our girls have loved and connected to the horses and found great role models in their Instructors at Bridle Up Hope. But the most impactful element has been the real-life lessons taught in each riding experience, based on The 7 Habits book. It’s been incredible to see and hear our girls absorbing the material, which teaches them not just how to handle a horse, but how to handle life! We’ve seen a great change in their focus, their motivation for good, and their “taking the reins” in their lives. They have explained and taught us about the habits and the stories of applying the habits, which have touched them deeply and given them powerful tools to mold their own futures.    

We are forever grateful for the program you have created and funded for teenage girls! This program is more effective than any I've seen because it is one-on-one, it teaches hands-on application of the principles taught, and somehow, through awesome teachers and horses, it adds the most important ingredient of all—LOVE—to the lives and hearts of these girls.  

We could never say thank you enough for the instruction received, the confidence and self-esteem given, and the very special memories made at Bridle Up Hope!  

Most sincerely,  

The Hansen Family

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Names changed to protect privacy

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