The Tale of a Military Daughter and Her Horse

The Tale of a Military Daughter and Her Horse

The Bridle Up Hope program has been transformational for our daughter, Hina.

She was born into an active-duty military family. We have moved seven times within the last ten years. The enormous strain this lifestyle puts on families and children is unique to the military community, however, Hina has learned the principles embodied in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens are applicable to everyone regardless of background and upbringing.

Hina has absolutely loved riding and getting to know the horses at Bridle Up Hope. Her favorite horse to ride has been French Fry. She loves cantering and the feeling she gets when she’s having a great ride! Two principles that she has learned through riding and that have impacted her the most are, “Put first things first” and “Think win-win”. She loves these two principles because practicing them has given her the ability to prioritize the most important things in her life while fitting in all the extracurricular activities she enjoys.

They have also shaped a mindset for her to seek win-win solutions. This has led to more fulfilling relationships at home and at school. Learning these principles through riding and horsemanship has been so meaningful and effective. It has left a lasting impression in her heart and mind.

We know our family won the instructor jackpot when Hannah became Hina’s instructor! She is a heaven-sent angel who has gently guided and mentored our daughter through this experience. Hannah has a depth of knowledge and wealth of experience as an equestrian, but what makes her so valuable and a “one of a kind” instructor is how she teaches and leads. Hannah is a living example of what our young daughters can become if they practice the 7 Habits! Her calm, cheery demeanor has given Hina a sense of confidence and security. Hannah quickly earned Hina’s trust and is a safe person she can confide in and follow. Our daughter has a life-long friend and mentor in Hannah and we are forever grateful for the role she has played in Hina’s life. 

We are so grateful and honored to be a part of the Bridle Up Hope family!

- Parent of Hina

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