"She did not see a reason to keep living."

"She did not see a reason to keep living."

Written by Micah's Mother:

I cannot find the words to write because “thank you” does not come close to expressing what I want to say to Bridle Up Hope. Being part of the program has helped change Micah’s life in ways I never expected.

When I reached out trying to get Micah into the program, we both felt very hopeless. She had had two suicide attempts, spent a week in the hospital, felt zero self-worth, and did not see a reason to keep living. She was not able to attend a full day of school because of social anxieties and because she did not have any good friends. She attended counseling weekly and was on medication, but she didn’t seem to be improving much.

She saw an Instagram post about Bridle Up Hope and asked if she could try it. After researching the program, I applied for her. The call came that there was a place for her the day after one of her very lowest and hardest days. It felt like a complete miracle.

Bridle Up Hope gave her a place to belong and a place where she knew people cared and loved her. She knew she had a place she could escape from the world and get her emotion back in check. The 7 Habits taught her life skills she will be able to use the rest of her life. Her favorite habit is Habit 4: Think Win-Win. This taught her that she is not in competition with everyone around her. In every situation everyone can take something from it that is a win.

Micah loved working with the horses. Her favorite experience with the horses was at one of her very first lessons. She did a “join up” activity with the horse in the round pen. This taught her that someone is always there for her and someone always needs her.

Micah attitude and outlook on life has changed greatly in the last year, and I know a big part of that is due to the lessons she learned and the experiences she had at Bridle Up Hope. In just over a year she has gone from not wanting to live and not being able to attend a full day of school to living on her own and attending school at Dixie State University.

There will never be words enough to express our gratitude to Bridle Up Hope, Savannah (her Instructor), the donors that made her scholarship possible, the Coveys for starting this program, and all of the others who have worked so hard to help improve my daughter’s life. I honestly don’t think we would still have Micah on earth with us today without Bridle Up Hope.

Thank you!

Names changed to protect privacy

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