Our Horse Kokomo

Our Horse Kokomo

Birth Date: June 4th, 2001

Registered Name: A Flashy Guy

Breed: Tennessee Walker

Height: 16 H

Color: Black Tobiano Paint

Joined Bridle Up Hope: Summer 2016

7 Habits Moment with Kokomo:

Every lesson and interaction with big beautiful Kokomo is a joy, but during this particular lesson, he truly became a hero. A lovely rider in the women’s program found her voice and shared her amazing experience after she completed the program! It all began with Kokomo…

"…I would wake up every morning feeling exhausted. I had slept for hours, yet there wasn’t a single fiber in my body that desired to move. Staring up at the ceiling, I would try to think of a single reason, anything, that would be enough to get me going another day. I was shrouded in darkness. Trapped. I had lost all hope. …the pain and sadness never left my eyes or my heart. A true smile never lifted my lips. Luckily, my loving parents never gave up on me. They searched and searched for every possible treatment and program. Doctors, therapy, medication... none of it seemed to push me back into the sunshine. But then they found Bridle Up Hope.

Day one, I sat in the passenger seat on the way to the barn, completely racked with fear, anxiety, and unease. It was a cold day, and I had a million doubts flying through my mind. I was afraid of failing, afraid of finding one more treatment that didn’t help. Outside, the air was quiet, and the barn was gorgeous. My dad walked me to the door. Then an excited, happy voice greeted us. My instructor immediately wrapped an arm around me, already expressing love and compliments. Her warmth was a comfort. Then we began. After some talking and teaching, it was time to grab a horse. I hadn't been beside a horse in nearly a year. Kokomo was big, and I was nervous, but my instructor comforted me every step of the way and built my confidence with assurance and instruction. From there we went to the round pen. It was my first time in a round pen, but my instructor helped me feel like a natural. I gradually learned how to communicate with Kokomo and understand his movements. We traveled in endless circles, practicing, learning, and trying again. Then it clicked. The sun shined brightly on us, he moved with me, and I spoke with him. Our hearts beat as one. My lips were lifted with a smile. My eyes twinkled with tears. My chest was filled with something I hadn't felt in an eternity. Joy. Hope. I felt alive. I felt love.”

This lovely rider went through the program with a sparkle in her eyes and always a smile on her beautiful face and it radiated from within! Kokomo was exactly the Horse Hero she needed when she needed him. Through him, she was reminded of her beauty and the beautiful influence of her choices. Today she lives with Hope, Confidence, and Resilience! For herself and those around her - she too is a hero!!

- Bridle Up Hope Instructor

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