Making Best Friends at the Barn

Making Best Friends at the Barn

Rachel discovered Bridle Up Hope through a generous scholarship donor back in 2019. While she was in the beginning stages of her program the Covid-19 pandemic struck and put her lessons on hold. At that same time, Alyssa was given the Bridle Up Hope experience for her birthday. Throughout the pandemic, both girls eagerly awaited for the barn to reopen.

When the Covid-19 restrictions were lifted, Rachel went back to lessons and Alyssa started the program. They connected through service hours and often went on days the other would be there. It didn't take too long for them to become amazing friends and carpool to the barn together.

Both girls found immense hope and joy during their time in the program. Because of the pandemic, Alyssa and Rachel learned the same habit only a few lessons apart. After each lesson, they found one another and talked about who they rode and how they could incorporate the habits into their lives. Throughout the program, the girls continued going to service hours and looked forward to making memories with their barn family.

The girls loved every aspect of the barn, but winter held a special place in their hearts. There was something about mucking out stalls, getting stuck in the mud, and drinking too hot, hot chocolate with their barn family they fell in love with. One of the girl's favorite memories from service was watching the Christmas Star. This Star was caused by Jupiter and Saturn aligning resulting in a bright star appearing in the night sky. The girls were at service and were able to watch this Star come and go with their barn family.

The program not only gave them hope through horses and habits, but it also gave them hope through their friendship. As they continue their journey with plans of becoming registered nurses, their love for the barn hasn’t dwindled. Bridle Up Hope gave the girls valuable tools and a newfound hope they aspire to help others find. Now you can find the two girls working towards their goal of opening their own location of Bridle Up Hope to help girls and women find the same hope they found back in 2020.

Story about Rachel and Alyssa, Girl's Experience Participants

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