I never thought of myself as a "horse girl"

I never thought of myself as a "horse girl"

I came to Bridle Up Hope exactly when I needed to. My parents were getting a divorce, my best friend had passed away, and I had moved. I felt completely alone. When I first came to Bridle Up Hope, I was incredibly nervous. I never had thought of myself as a "horse girl" and I was extremely antisocial. But I went to the lessons after hearing so much good from a friend who completed the program and Sarah at orientation.

When I first met Audrey, I felt like we would get along really well. She wasn't overwhelming, and was incredibly kind to me. I was very nervous to work with the horses. They are so big, and I felt so small. My first lesson was with Chance. He was so sweet to me, and really gave me a wonderful first impression of what lessons would be like.

As my lessons went on, I learned so much. I gained so much confidence in myself and my abilities. My favorite habit to learn was Seek First to Understand, then to be Understood. I felt such a connection to all of the horses I rode. They each had a different personality, and it was fun to get to know them. They were so sweet and learning to work with them was such an amazing experience.

I am extremely grateful to Bridle Up Hope and the opportunities they gave me. I was able to build better connections with my family, and become a healthier and happier person.

- Girl's Experience Participant

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