How Horses Helped My Daughter With Disabilities

How Horses Helped My Daughter With Disabilities

Bridle Up Hope has been such an amazing experience for Ciera!

Many things have gone on in her life beyond her control. Being on the spectrum is just one part of her life that makes her feel different and on the outside. Being high-functioning can often make things even harder as she "looks fine,”  so expectations are high. So many times she has felt frustrated and demoralized because people don't understand when she can't meet that bar.

At Bridle Up Hope, she felt included and appreciated. She loved the horses and in-return felt love from them and her instructors. She discovered she COULD learn new skills and get better at things. She learned she COULD set and achieve goals. And she learned that people outside her immediate family COULD "see" her and appreciate who she is inside and the talents she has.

The program is so much more than just "learning to ride" and is growing more well-rounded all the time. The work hours, art, yoga, etc., all contributed to building her self-esteem and helping her feel a part of something - which she so desperately needs in life. This is a place where she knows she can go to be herself, to be with people who care, to be happy, and to find success in heart and spirit.

Ciera and our whole family are so grateful for this incredible program!

- Bridle Up Hope Parent

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