Bridle Up Hope is Coming to Ukraine

Bridle Up Hope is Coming to Ukraine

Hope is on its way to Northern Ukraine–our newest location, where we will use the power of horses and habits to provide a crucial lifeline to girls and women in need. The effects of war have been devastating. Most of the men are off fighting in the war, the schools are still closed, and the mental health challenges are severe, especially for women. Locals have shared that mental health resources are even more important at this time than food and clothing. They need our help!

Bridle Up Hope has partnered with the foundation: To Ukraine With Love, who have trustworthy people on the ground to help facilitate and oversee the operation of this barn. This equestrian stable has been around for four generations and has a long history of providing quality care for horses and is staffed by experienced trainers who are passionate about their work in building hope in women.  

With your help, we can provide the program to 500 women and 500 girls in Ukraine over the next two years. This means 40 girls and 40 women will come to the barn each week for a riding lesson, learning the 7 Habits and doing service. That's 1,000 lives that will be forever changed by your generosity!

It's an incredible opportunity to make an urgent difference. So please, consider donating to Bridle Up Hope-Ukraine. Our goal is to raise $100,000.  

100% of your donation will go towards providing the weekly horse-riding and life-skills lessons taught to all girl and women participants in Ukraine. This includes paying the riding instructors and caring for the horses. Not only will your support make a difference in the lives of our participants, you will be directly supporting the community with employment opportunities for those working at Bridle Up Hope, along with helping to lift the entire community.

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