Beyond the Trot: 3 Years of Bridle Up Hope

Beyond the Trot: 3 Years of Bridle Up Hope

I originally came to the barn for the horses. I was excited about the program, but I mostly wanted to ride.

During my second lesson, I remember being frustrated because I couldn’t trot without bouncing halfway to the moon. I wanted to be naturally good at riding, but I was quite the opposite.

Over the last 3 years, I’ve volunteered over 500 hours at Bridle Up Hope, and ridden all of the horses here. I’ve earned a lot of lessons, and I’m happy to report that through a ton of practice and hard work, I can do much more than trot. Joyce taught me to canter, run barrels, pole bend, and even jump.

In all of my earned lessons, we focused on a Habit, and that consistent time and effort has helped me internalize the 7 Habits more than I could have in just 7 weeks. It has helped me to grow as an equestrian and as a person. I’ve also learned so much from the women at service about what it means to be hopeful, confident, and resilient.

Being part of the Bridle Up Hope family has truly changed my life for the better. 

- Emily Davis (Women Program Participant)

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