Alexa's Story

Alexa's Story

“When You Save a Girl, You Save Generations.” 

When I suddenly found myself at the doorstep of Bridle Up Hope, I was in complete agony. I wasn’t exactly sure what I was searching for, but I knew I was in desperate need of calm and  direction. Stepping inside the barn for the first time felt like opening the doors to the safety and comfort of coming home. For months now, every visit continues to feel that way. 

The effects of sexual abuse had left my soul shattered, and the reality I had built reflected this brokenness. I yearned for peace, but navigating the wild west of young adulthood, where every choice carried the weight of shaping my future, became overwhelming. In the face of these crucial decisions, I recognized the need for direction, a guiding star to help illuminate a path toward healing. 

Bridle Up Hope became a beacon of light, equipping me with the knowledge and tools necessary to reclaim the reins of my life. Through patient and loving guidance, I embraced seven new habits, discovering that I could ride to previously unimaginable places—something I never dreamed was possible. Engaging in yoga classes reconnected me with my physical body in a safe and powerful way, and creating art, both on canvas and in the saddle, brought color and vibrancy into my world. Every week, I continue to serve alongside new friends whose true courage and strength have become a source of inspiration and support. 

My beautiful mentor and riding instructor, Jenna, often reminded me that just as a horse is rewarded when released out to pasture, so too can ‘release be our reward’ when we choose to let go of the things that burden our hearts. With consistent application of these principles, I’ve experienced the freedom and true miracle of healing, finding joy in witnessing the budding seeds of change blossom and bloom. 

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to the Covey family for turning tragedy into a truly beautiful and sacred vision. Because of the Bridle Up Hope program, the lives of countless girls, including mine, have been transformed. You’ve provided her with the essential tools to shape new purpose, higher ways of thinking that create a world of opportunity, and a foundation that will support her for the rest of her life and for generations to come. 

Alexa G.

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