Girl's Instructor

Hey you! What a wonderful opportunity it is to get to know you at Bridle Up Hope! My name is Amber and I am from San Clemente, California.


Growing up I enjoyed spending time with family and friends out camping on the beach, surfing, hiking, inline skating, and riding horses. I'm adventurous and love to search for the good in everything.


When horses came into my life, I stepped into a whole new world. It was amazing to me to see the beauty yet humility of the horse. They're so sensitive, patient, forgiving, and intuitive. The first time I galloped a horse was the moment I felt truly at peace with the tough trials that life brings each and every one of us. Maybe it was the beat of his hooves thundering down the trail (🎵thum duh dum- thum duh dum🎶), maybe it was feeling so much strength beneath me and so much freedom as the wind rushed passed, or maybe it was the fact I couldn't think of anything else in that moment besides holding on for dear life haha but whatever it was, the horse healed me from the inside out.


I'm a more hopeful and resilient person for having worked with so many horses that have taught me so much and opened so many doors of opportunity-- like working for this beautiful organization. Miracles happen here. I promise to help you feel the same tranquility and strength that I do through the horses and The 7 Habits. Can't wait to meet you!


Women's Instructor

Hello!  My name is Cindy Powell.  


I have lived in Alpine, Utah for the past 14 years. I was raised in Oregon amongst the beautiful, natural evergreen trees and plentiful tree farms. I had my own horses while growing up and found great peace and acceptance as a teenager while riding through the rows and rows of every type of tree imaginable, connecting with my horse. I knew then as I know now, there is a type of healing for the soul that comes from horses that is incomprehensible until you feel it for yourself.


My husband and I lived in Japan for 11 years and raised our 3 amazing boys amongst skyscrapers, immense traffic and millions of busy people. Returning stateside in 2004, we found our place in Alpine, far from the noise and congestion of big city life. We find great joy here in the mountains, enjoying nature, meeting new friends and learning about our surrounding community. I feel honored to be associated with Bridle Up Hope and the empowering principles taught and found within the program.


This experience is for anyone, whether life is smooth sailing or in need of a tune up. It has changed my life for the better and I know it will change yours, too!


Women's Instructor

My name is Jenna, and I live in Highland with my sweet husband and our four little Tews, ages 16, 14, 12 and 5!


Ever since forever, horses have been a part of my life, and it is truly joyful and beautiful because of their companionship. I love everything from the magnificence of Dressage to the power of Cutting. My heart is with the drafts, but surely melts for the minis. 


From my little dapple at age 7 to my big thoroughbred today, horses have taught me profound parallels in life's defining lessons. I believe what we are able to learn from them is as vast as their breeds and abilities. How grateful I am to be at Bridle Up Hope where the essence and art of horsemanship are perfectly companioned with conscientious habits for a hopeful, joyful life!


The Women's Program offers a unique chance to take life by the reins and discover more deeply who we are, to define who we want to be, and to delight in the effort it takes to get there! 


Girl's Instructor

Hey y’all! My name is Macey, and I am so pumped to be an instructor at Bridle Up Hope! 


I have loved horses as long as I can remember and grew up riding my grandpa’s ranch thoroughbreds. I also competed in high school rodeo for about 3 years. Some of my greatest lessons in life were learned from the back of a horse during that time. It sure wasn’t easy. Rodeo, while being a huge pile of fun, is a high-pressure, high-risk sport that will often have you losing more than winning. However, it taught me that no matter what, it is crucial to always, always get back on the horse!! That lesson has applied to every aspect of my life, and even though it was hard to learn, I am so grateful I did.


When I was 12 our family moved from Texas to Utah, and it was hard for me to leave my home of almost 13 years to put down roots in a place I didn’t feel like I belonged. BUT…I began lessons at this place called Bridle Up Hope that had just started in Highland, and my life was forever changed. I had been living in Utah for a good four months, and I still remember the very first time I walked into that barn. It felt as if I had come home. 


I have now been connected with this incredible program for six years, and it has been awe-inspiring and humbling to see how far it has come, and how many young women have had their hearts and lives changed all because of a horse. It is a sweet experience to be able to mentor these girls whose shoes I once stood in, and exciting for me to watch them as they grow and find themselves. I can’t promise that it will be easy, only that it will be worth it! Love you all;)


Girl's Instructor

Hey there! My name is Elisabeth and, of course, I absolutely love horses! I started working for Bridle up Hope in September of 2013 and have loved being a part of the team. I have always loved horses since I was a child. My first two horses were a pair of Arabian siblings who were underweight and lacked training. Training them was a challenge as I had only taken riding lessons on well-versed horses, but I was blessed to have the opportunity to train them myself and have the experience of figuring it out on my own.

I have been riding in Endurance as a part of AERC around Utah for years and love a good competition when it comes to racing. I've taken a love and interest in driving horses when I started working for Thanksgiving Point Farm country in 2013 as a Wagon and Carriage driver. Over the years of training and working with horses, I have gained many diverse skills which include 4H, Natural horsemanship, Liberty horsemanship, Clicker training, Trick training, Driving, Endurance racing, and Competitive team penning and sorting. I have trained my gelding to do tricks and perform at carnivals, scout camps, pony camps, and parties. I love getting to know different horses with varieties of personalities and bringing out their playful and intelligent spirits. In 2014, I was certified as a Horseback riding Instructor through Certified Horsemanship Association.

I love the feeling I get from being around horses and I love to share the joy of riding with everyone around me. I frequently host rides up the mountain and canyon through beautiful trails and amazing lookout points. I’m very pleased to work with and mentor young girls who love to ride and love to learn. I especially love to witness girls as they come out of their shell and grow from working with horses. I attended a course on mentoring through the 3 Key Elements where I got to master my skills on becoming a powerful influence on others. Something I’ve discovered is that the learning never ends, and through trial and error, I’ve learned to overcome many things in my life with the help of equestrian training.


Girl's Instructor

Hey there! My name is Hannah. I am a horse lover through and through. I love to share the healing and happiness that can come through working with horses!

When I was fourteen, I went through some serious health challenges, and my life was turned upside down. Soon thereafter, I found Bridle Up Hope and became a participant. I fell in love with the horses and their big hearts and realized how much I could learn from them. The program truly changed my life!

I worked as an instructor at Bridle Up Hope for a while before leaving for BYU Hawaii for a couple of years where I earned my Associate’s Degree in Psychology and Education. I love barrel racing, pole bending, and going on trail rides. If I’m not riding horses, you can find me skiing, playing the guitar, hiking with my dog, and hanging out with my friends and family.

I’m so happy to be back at Bridle Up Hope and I’m excited to get to know you!


Girl's Instructor

Hello! Welcome to Bridle Up Hope!


My name is Melanie. To give you a little bit of background about me, I am twenty-two years old and from Orem, Utah. I was born and raised there, but lived in Washington state for a couple of years. Some of my absolute favorite things in life are my family, tennis, nature in general, but especially sunsets, and animals.

Horses would definitely be at the top of my list of favorite animals! I started riding horses when I was about 5 years old at my uncle’s barn. The reason I believe I have the best job in the world is because I am able to show people what horses have done for me personally. When I have times of stress, sadness--you name it. I would go and spend time with horses grooming, riding, and just loving them. There’s something about them that allows the problems in life to melt away for a period of time, and give you the boost you need to keep going.

I am beyond excited to show you how this works with these incredible animals, and help you explore how The 7 Habits can help you in your own individual ways! I know that Bridle Up Hope will become your own personal safe haven because it has become that way for me.


Girl's Instructor

Hi! My name is Morgan.


I finished my Master of Information Systems Management degree at BYU last year. You could say I’m a nerd. I love working with technology and computers but my first love was horses. I started riding lessons when I was nine years old. I had always loved animals and was always begging my parents for a pet. Riding lessons were the perfect solution. I got to be with animals but they didn’t live in the house. I fell in love with horses during my lessons.


When I was 14 I was lucky enough to get my own horse. Her name was Maisy and she was a beautiful Palomino Appaloosa. Except for her tail which was eaten by a goat! I learned so many life lessons from working with Maisy. I learned hard work, communication, dedication, forgiveness, and patience.


I will always be grateful for the lessons I have learned and continue to learn through working with horses. I am excited to share my love of horses with the girls here at Bridle Up Hope.


Girl's Instructor

Hello! My name is Savannah and I am from Gilbert, Arizona. I now live in Provo with my husband, Steven. I am the 7th of 9 siblings in my huge family. Prior to moving to Utah, I served a Spanish-speaking church mission in New York. I love playing sports and being outdoors, but I especially love martial arts! I am a blue belt in Kenpo Karate, and I have won two gold medals and one silver in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. In 2017 I won second place in a BJJ state competition. In the summer of 2017 I went on a trip with my team to India to teach women’s self-defense and BJJ and have been teaching women’s self-defense since then.

I have ALWAYS been an animal lover, especially when it comes to horses! I remember watching the movie Spirit on repeat when I was young; I am sure it drove my mom crazy. After reading the book Black Beauty, all I ever dreamed of was owning a big black horse. I used to draw pictures of horses on a daily basis, I collected stuffed animals instead of Barbie dolls, and I looked for any opportunity to be around animals. At a very young age I convinced my mom to let me take riding lessons, then eventually I owned two horses of my own. I finally got my big black horse named Shep, and a beautiful copper colored Egyptian Arabian named Amir or “Al Amir Al Ahmar” (“The Red Prince” in Arabic). Shep was a rescue horse, so I had to earn his trust. When I first met Shep, he would run away from anyone who tried to touch him. He and I built a strong relationship over a few years to the point where he finally trusted me and actually wanted to be around people again.  Amir and Shep became two of my best friends and I learned so much from them.

After years of being around horses, my love for them has only grown stronger. Horses are amazing. The bond between a girl and her horse is so special. When you make a connection with a horse, great things happen. Horses can bring healing, confidence, friendship, and so much joy! I am so excited for you to have the opportunity to build yourself as you learn The 7 Habits and connect with the horses, instructors, and other girls here at Bridle Up Hope! :)


Girl's Instructor

Hi! My name is Haven. I was born and raised in Southern California. I'm happily married and have three boys. I love the beach, painting, traveling, spending time with my boys, and laughing with my husband.


My passion for horses started at a very young age. I would frequently travel to Utah to visit my grandparents who raised horses. Every time we came to visit, the only place I would want to be was at the barn. As I grew older, I continued riding, and I just never grew out of the "horse phase."


I went through some hard things during my childhood, and horses have been one of the few constants in my life that have brought great healing for me. They have carried me both physically and emotionally through difficult times and have brought me immense personal freedom and joy. I love Bridle Up Hope. This is a place that I wish I had when I was a teenager, but I'm so happy that I can now help others learn and experience what horses can teach them.


Girl's Instructor

Hi! My name is Lina, and I grew up in a small community outside of Tooele, Utah, where my backyard was the mountain.


My horse and I have spent countless hours up on the mountain, and I'm grateful that's how I got to grow up. I feel like working with horses has shaped me into who I am. Somedays are perfect and I love the work, and other days I could come up with a million excuses to avoid any work! At the end of the day, though, I always feel so fulfilled.


I really enjoy learning about different horse training methods and theories. One lesson that always stays with me is that your horse is a reflection of you. I really believe this is true (as scary as it might sound). One of the most important lessons I've learned, though, is that no matter what, I can always improve and keep trying. That's really what I love about horses. The 7 Habits add another level of understanding and excitement to this whole process. 

I love getting to know the girls at Bridle Up Hope and help them discover the joys of working with horses.


Girl's Instructor

Hi! My name is Courtney! I am so excited to get to know you! Here’s a little about myself…

I grew up in Sandy, Utah. Every summer when I was a kid we would take trips to southern Idaho to visit my grandfather. He had a couple of acres and a few horses up there. As soon as I could sit up, he put me in the saddle with him. When I got older, he taught me how to ride on my own, and we would go for hours on the trails through the South Hills and the Stanley Basin. He was a huge supporter of rodeo and spent several years serving on the Board of the Pro Rodeo Cowboys Association, earning a place in the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame. For the last two years, I’ve had the opportunity to compete in rodeo thanks to the generosity of a family friend. Even though my grandfather is no longer here, I know he would be excited for me and proud that I am carrying on the family tradition with horsemanship.


I am currently studying English Literature at Brigham Young University with a minor in Global Women’s Studies, my true passion. After graduation, I plan to receive a master’s degree in the field of social work and hope to work specifically with female immigrants. I love helping people and watching them make a better life for themselves.


I love working with the girls at Bridle Up Hope because I get to teach them about the healing power of animals. Horses have blessed my life and brought peace in times of trial and tribulation. I’ve learned so much from being around them and learning to speak their language. Their quiet power is a strengthening force. Throughout my time here, I’ve been able to see that this program is inspiring. The chance that it has to help girls become the beautiful women they were meant to be by lifting them and encouraging them to do hard things is what keeps me coming back.


Girl's Instructor

Hi! My name is Victoria. When I was a little girl, I loved horses. I found every opportunity I could to feed them, pet them, or even when I was lucky, ride them. I begged my parents to let me take horseback riding lessons when I was 12 years old, and they let me! After months of lessons, I got up the courage to ask my parents if I could get my very own horse. My Mom told me, “Get a horse? Over my dead body!” On the other hand, my Dad told me, “If you save up enough money to pay for half of the price of the horse then you can get a horse.” So, I took our agreement seriously and started saving up money from baby-sitting, doing odd jobs, and selling old items around the house. And believe it or not, I saved up enough money to buy my first horse named Tarzan! (Not the Tarzan at the barn, but the first Tarzan). After owning Tarzan for a few months, my older sister Rachel said, “Wait a minute, I love horses too. I want to buy a horse as well so we can ride together!”  While working with our horses, Rachel and I became the best of friends. Rachel did Endurance Rides, and I did Rodeo Queening. I would come to her Endurance Rides and support her, and she’d help me at my Rodeo Queening competitions.

Rachel changed my life in so many ways. She helped me find more happiness, confidence, patience, love, self-esteem, and ultimately hope through working with our horses. I know the hidden power horses have on people, especially girls. They transform our lives in an unspoken way.


My goal as an instructor at Bridle Up Hope is to help every young woman find that same hope through our horses! So not only did our horses change my life, they also changed the life of my sister, Rachel,  and ultimately changed the course of my family. After Rachel passed away in 2012, our family established Bridle Up Hope: The Rachel Covey Foundation, dedicated to inspiring hope, confidence, and resilience in young women through equestrian training.  I feel so lucky to be an instructor at Bridle Up Hope and can’t wait to meet you!



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