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Brynn struggled with extreme anxiety to the point that she couldn’t even sleep in her own room, missed a lot of school, and didn’t have friends. Riding horses at Bridle Up Hope has calmed her mind. She learned that getting outside herself and serving others helped her manage her anxiety. She is now part of the Bridle Up Hope family with lots of friends.
Annie’s family was struggling with addiction problems and had recently gone through a traumatic divorce. She was negative, lonely, and had lost hope. Annie learned that she could choose whether to be happy or miserable, which is the essence of Habit 1: Be Proactive. She learned how to take charge of her horse and, as a result, also began to take charge of her life.
Emily was extremely shy and low on confidence. She had social anxiety, avoided anything challenging, and stayed in her room. The inspired instructors at Bridle Up Hope focused on helping Emily build confidence and resiliency. Through horseback riding lessons over  13 weeks, they taught her how to bounce back after a setback.
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