Katherine's Story

Working with horses is my dream, my passion. Bridle Up Hope helped me to experience that wonderful bond between horse and girl. You all made me feel welcome, at a time in my life when no one else seemed to even notice me. I started the program when I was in eighth grade – currently I am a sophomore – and there was no better time to have my butt in the saddle and attention towards my instructor.

That year, life threw many things at me. I was bullied and girls excluded me from their groups because I am a diabetic. In Junior High, you’re trying to figure out who you are, what you like, and who your people are. You’re making friends and losing some, and trying to keep up with 7 classes a day. My school life was pretty miserable then. It was then that I started the Bridle Up Hope program, and I was THRILLED! It was the best thing that ever happened to me, besides the Big Mac.

I was taught the 7 Habits and how to apply them to my everyday life. I could be myself there – what a relief! I made so many friends who felt the exact same way I did. It was the highlight of my week every week for 3 months! I learned who I was then and that was huge for me. Sure, call me a hick. Call me a cowgirl. That’s WHO I AM and no one can change that. I used to be so unsure of myself and so indecisive. You guys accepted me, didn’t judge me, and made me laugh!

I will never be able to repay you guys no matter how many hours of service I do or how many stalls I muck out. Bridle Up Hope is my safe haven and I am forever grateful. Through this program, I learned who I am. You guys are changing lives every day!

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