Parent Commitment

Bridle Up Hope is a remarkable organization that has a track record of helping young women transform their lives. In fact, 98% of the girls who start the program complete it, and 96% of parents and girls involved in the program who were surveyed rate the program as “life changing.” At Bridle Up Hope, a non-profit charity, we believe that every young woman has great worth and potential and our mission is to help your girl find this through equestrian training.


To help ensure that this program makes an impact in the life of your daughter, it is important that you, as parents or guardians, commit upfront to a few things. Here are the three commitments we ask of you:


Commitment #1:  I commit to ensure that my daughter attends each weekly equestrian experience and completes the program.



Bridle Up Hope’s program consists of 13 private equestrian experiences. These weekly experiences build upon each other, so it is important that your girl comes every week.


Please do all you can to help them find a ride to the barn for their equestrian experience or drive them yourself if needed. It is very important for your daughter to arrive on time so she can get the full one-hour experience. It is also crucial that your daughter gets picked up on time, to ensure our instructors can move their focus onto the next girl.


We understand that emergencies and other scheduling conflicts happen and we will do our best to accommodate changes to schedules as needed. Please try to give us 24-hour notice by calling the instructor.


Throughout the program, the girls are taught The 7 Habits for Equestrians and will learn how to be proactive, set goals, communicate effectively, and build relationships of trust. We want them to find purpose and balance in their lives by building relationships with the horse and the girl through natural horsemanship. This communication in turn fosters a sense of trust and develops leadership in the girls.


Commitment #2:  I commit to have my daughter volunteer at the barn for one hour each week.



When your daughter comes to volunteer at the barn, she will be directed by the Volunteer Lead to clean stalls, water the horses, haul hay, and help maintain cleanliness of the barn.


When you come for your orientation at the barn, we will ask you to fill out a Win-Win volunteering agreement with your daughter.


Our volunteer summer hours (June through mid-August) are from 9:00 to 11:00 am, Monday through Saturday, and our school hours (mid-August through May) are from 4:00 to 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday, and 9:00 to 11:00 am on Saturday.


Volunteering gives the girls a chance to socialize with the other girls in the program, learn how to care for a horse, and experience the happiness that comes from giving back.


Commitment #3: I commit to covering my portion of the Bridle Up Hope program.


The real cost per rider for this incredible experience is approximately $2,000.


Thanks to generous donors who cover two-thirds of the expense, families of riders are only responsible for the remaining $1,300 for the 13-week program.


This expense can be paid up front or spread evenly over a 6-month period. For either arrangement, please click the ‘Payment’ button on the top right hand corner of the website or this click this link: