This is Rachel Covey.

Rachel loved life.

She also loved horses.

In 2012, Rachel passed away, which came as a shock to her friends, family, and everyone who so dearly loved her.



Shortly after, many of Rachel’s friends came to her family and expressed how much Rachel had helped them and changed their lives through taking them on weekly horseback trail rides.

This sparked an idea.

What if we were to carry on Rachel’s tradition of helping girls transform their lives through horses?

In January 2013, Rebecca and Sean Covey (Rachel’s parents), established Bridle Up Hope: The Rachel Covey Foundation, whose mission is to inspire hope and confidence in young women through equestrian training.  It is specifically designed for girls, ages 12-25, who may be struggling with anxiety or depression, or have experienced trauma or abuse, or have simply lost hope in life.

Today, hundreds of young women have experienced the life changing impact of Bridle Up Hope and many more continue to do so every day.

We believe that we are on the pathway to building one of the most influential charities in the world. Our end in mind is to have 1,000 locations worldwide with 100 girls going through the program at each location annually. That means impacting 100,000 girls every year.

Our Vision


Girls at Each Location Per Year

Lives Impacted Every Year

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