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The Girl Behind Bridle Up Hope

Bridle Up Hope: The Rachel Covey Foundation was established in 2012. It is named after Rachel Covey of Alpine, Utah, who passed away in 2012 at the age of 21.


As a young girl, Rachel always had a great love for animals, beginning with her first dog, Tinkerbell. This love led to Rachel owning birds, rabbits, chickens, cats, chinchillas, and other pets. After many years, Rachel finally got a horse of her own that she named Kauai. One horse led to more horses, including Tarzan, Aruba, and Kokomo. Over time, Rachel became an accomplished equestrian, taking great care of her horses and regularly participating in 25-mile endurance rides.

Bridle Up Hope’s Story

Finding Hope Through Riding

Throughout her life, Rachel battled depression but found great joy and relief in being with her horses. This is where she found her passion and her voice. She also taught her family and several of her friends how to appreciate and ride horses, where they too found great fulfillment. Rachel lived life to the fullest and was adored by everyone.


Sharing Rachel’s Legacy

When Rachel passed away, one of her dear friends came to Rachel’s parents and related how Rachel had spent the last few months taking her on trail rides and teaching her how to ride and care for horses and how these experiences had literally changed her life.


From this event, and other related events, Rachel Covey’s family (mom, dad, and seven siblings) felt deeply inspired to carry on Rachel’s passion for horses. They recognized the special bond that exists between a girl and her horse, a bond that can help young women overcome personal struggles and build confidence. Towards that end, Bridle Up Hope was established.

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