Our Horses



Hi, my name is Josie and I am an Icelandic Pony. I just turned 28 years old and my breed can live up to 40 years of age. I’m a sweet and gentle horse. I was donated to Bridle Up Hope and I love my new home.



Hi, my name is Bella’s Gift. I was born in 2002 in Raleigh, North Carolina so I am 14 years old. I am 15.2 hands high and am a flea-bitten Thoroughbred mare. I love teaching Habits #2, 6, and 8. I love to be brushed, receive attention, and be fed apples.

I have been a hunter-jumper my whole life. I absolutely love to jump. Since I was four years old, I have been winning championships on the East Coast competing in both rings. I moved to California in 2015 where I continued to compete. In 2016, my best friend and owner Bella donated me to Bridle Up Hope, so I could share my heart with many more girls. I can’t wait to share mine with you!


Hi, my name is Bahama and I am 13 years old. I am a Rocky Mountain Horse and I absolutely love trail riding. What can I say? It’s in my blood! I am a silver buckskin and I am 14.3 hands tall. I am a gaited horse so when you ride me it is very smooth. I am very sensitive to the feelings of my rider. I am great at teaching Habit #5: Seek first to understand, then to be understood.  I love building relationships and developing mutual respect and understanding. Once trust is established, there is no limit to where we can go.


Hi, my name is Diego, and I am a sorrel Quarter Horse who is eager to please. I am 14.3 hands high and 11 years old. I have a long white strip down my face and a white socks on each of my legs. I was generously donated by the Bonnette family. I am very smooth and trustworthy. I am very sensitive to my riders’ cues. When you are riding me, I am very respectful and will only take you as far as you are ready to go. After my rides, I love to go relax and roll around in the arena.


Hi, I am Irish and I am 20 years old. I am an Irish Sport Horse with a beautiful chestnut coat and a white star on my forehead, and I am 16.2 hands high. I am a true Irish gentleman. When I was four years old, I was imported from Ireland to be an Eventing horse, which consists of dressage, show jumping, and cross country. I rode to the preliminary level in Eventing. I competed at a height of 3 foot 7 inches. I am a strong athlete with a very kind and affectionate side. I was generously donated by an amazing woman named Collen Keblish. I am so excited to be here at Bridle Up Hope. I am great at helping girls build their confidence in learning the basics.


Hi, I am Kokomo! I am 15 years old. I am a Tennessee Walker with a powerful but smooth gait. I am very trust worthy and am always up for challenge because I have the will power to do anything. I love being surrounded by the mountains. I enjoy trail rides and am always full of energy to go for miles. Growing up I competed in endurance races and excelled in the competitions.  I am loving and enjoy cuddling there and then. I have fun rolling in the snow and like to go on adventures.



Hi, my name is Hooligan! My nickname is Hooli. I am 11 years old and 15 hands high. I am a chestnut Connemara Thoroughbred. I love teaching Habits #3, 4, and 6. I love just about every treat: sugar cubes, apples, and oat cookies. I’m so kind and patient to every rider. I have a sweet spot on my forelock near my blaze. I’m not a huge fan of the cold, being warm and toasty is my preference. I was donated by Emmiline who is part of the Bridle Up Hope Family. I’m an amazing friend and can’t wait to be yours!


Hi! My name is Rockette and I am 10 years old. I am a very sweet horse who loves people! I stand 14.2 hands tall and am ¾ Quarter Horse and ¼ Thoroughbred. Interestingly, I am considered a “paint” horse even though I have no spots! On my dad’s side, I am descended from the great American Thoroughbred racehorse Secretariat. I was born and trained at Utah State University in both western and English riding. My favorite things are turning fast in western and performing dressage in English. I have lots of energy and love to have a job! I am very intuitive to the needs of my people and other horses. My owner, Tricia, donated me and I know she is happy that I can share my special spirit at Bridle Up Hope with you!


Hi, my name is Jamaica and I am 8 years old and 16 hands high. I am a dark bay Thoroughbred. Before I came to Bridle Up Hope, I was a racehorse and competed in a few races. I still have my racing number marked under my top lip! They called me “My Man Friday.” I have a very mellow personality and I like to take things slow and easy, so I changed careers and became an Eventing horse. I prefer an English saddle, but I can do a little bit of western riding as well. I have a smooth walk, trot, and canter, and I put a lot of thought and energy into everything I do. I will help you learn to have a secure seat and develop balance. I love to make people happy.


Hi, my name is Montego! I am a Palomino colored American Quarter Horse, 15 hands high and 12 years old. I belong to Victoria Covey, who participated in rodeo queening events with me. I love being a part of the Bridle Up Hope family and meeting new girls every day. I am great at sensing a rider’s intent and respond well. I am very easy going, and when you are riding me, I can take you as far as you feel comfortable. I am fun to ride in both English and western styles. I have a very easy walk, trot, and canter. I love being able to work with girls on accomplishing their goals.



Hi, my name is Niall! I am a Haflinger, 13 years old, and 14.2 hands high. I have a big long, blonde mane, so much hair I almost don’t know what to do with it all. If you look closely, you can see that I have a pink heart on my nose. Something cool about my name is that it actually means “Champion” in Irish Gaelic. Being a horse here at Bridle Up Hope does make me feel like a champion. I love building relationships and my riders love me because I am easy to get moving forward. I am ready to work if you are.


Hi my name is Tarzan and I am 18 years old! I am a Tennessee Walker and my gait is very smooth and fun to ride. I am 17 hands high and I am a paint with brown and white patches all over me and . Something unique about me is that the marking on my left shoulder is shaped like an angel. My favorite thing to do is to be out trail riding. When I ride in the arena, sometimes, I like to go where I want to go. I like meeting new people and building new relationships. I don’t think you can ever have too many friends! I am a special part of this program because I was Rachel Covey’s personal horse and we did endurance rides together. We had an inseparable bond. I love being a horse here at Bridle Up Hope and I plan to be here for the all of my life.

Rachel’s Dream Herd

Rachel Covey, the girl behind Bridle Up Hope, loved the song “Kokomo” by the Beach Boys and it was her dream to have horses named after each of the islands mentioned in the song. We have Aruba, Jamaica, Bahama, Prince, and combined with Victoria Covey’s horses Montego and Kokomo, we now have completed Rachel’s dream herd!

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