Our Worldwide Mission

At Bridle Up Hope, we believe that we are on the pathway to building one of the most influential charities in the world. Our end in mind is to have 1,000 locations worldwide with 100 girls going through the program at each location each year. So, in other words, we hope to be able to impact 100,000 girls a year.


We have moved to our beautiful permanent location on 128 acres in Alpine, UT.  We are in the process of building the Bridle Up Hope Equestrian and Education Center for our worldwide headquarters.


The Netherlands have become certified and is currently our first international location.


We already have requests and interest for other Bridle Up Hope locations in Japan, Estonia, Ireland, Scotland, England, Germany, South Africa, Nigeria, Brazil, New York, Texas, Boston, and several other locations in Utah and throughout the Intermountain region.