Our Instructors


Hi! My name is Alexandra! But you can call me Alex. First and foremost, I LOVE Bridle Up Hope! And I know you will love it too! It’s a place of security and love where I have learned even more about the special connection between horses and girls.


So a little bit more about me! I’ve loved animals since I was a small girl. My first word was even “dog”! Much to my mother’s dismay 😉 However, horses stole my heart before I can remember and I’ve never looked back. Every square inch of my bedroom was covered in pictures of horses, horse figurines, and horse stuffed animals. Every day I dreamt that I would one day own a horse and learn to ride.


When I was seven, I had the opportunity to do extra chores at a local therapy barn in exchange for free lessons. My dream had come true! All week I would count down the days to my next lesson and nothing brought me more joy than being around horses, whether it was grooming, mucking, or riding. I was a very shy kid and as the years passed I realized that I never felt more at home than when I was in the presence of a horse. There have been many horses in my life that have inspired me to be kinder, more patient, more confident, and much more vulnerable. Since those first days of lessons I have continued to ride and hone my equestrian skills, always knowing that horses were my true passion in life.


Right now I am training a Leopard Appaloosa named Caspian. He has pushed me to better my horsemanship skills in so many ways and is constantly stretching me past my comfort zone. I owe him so much as he has helped me become a better horseman, friend, and person. One of my favorite quotes reads, “There is no growing in a comfort zone and there is no comfort in a growing zone.” How true this is! Being around horses helps us realize so many things about ourselves and truly encourages us to become more than we currently are. Horses are truly magnificent creatures that are capable of transforming a life.


I can’t wait to meet you at the barn and share the joy that horses have brought me in my life!


Hey there! My name is Elisabeth Berrett and, of course, I absolutely love horses! I started working for Bridle up Hope in September of 2013 and have loved being a part of the team. I have always loved horses since I was a child. My first two horses were a pair of Arabian siblings who were underweight and lacked training. Training them was a challenge as I had only taken riding lessons on well versed horses, but I was blessed to have the opportunity to train them myself and have the experience of figuring it out on my own.


I have been riding in Endurance as a part of AERC around Utah for years and love a good competition when it comes to racing. I’ve taken a love and interest in driving horses when I started working for Thanksgiving Point Farm country in 2013 as a Wagon and Carriage driver. Over the years of training and working with horses, I have gained many diverse skills which include 4H, Natural horsemanship, Liberty horsemanship, Clicker training, Trick training, Driving, Endurance racing, and Competitive team penning and sorting. I have trained my gelding to do tricks and perform at carnivals, scout camps, pony camps, and parties. I love getting to know different horses with varieties of personalities and bringing out their playful and intelligent spirits. In 2014, I was certified as a Horseback riding Instructor through Certified Horsemanship Association.


I love the feeling I get from being around horses and I love to share the joy of riding with everyone around me. I frequently host rides up the mountain and canyon through beautiful trails and amazing lookout points. I’m very pleased to work with and mentor young girls who love to ride and love to learn. I especially love to witness girls as they come out of their shell and grow from working with horses. I attended a course on mentoring through the 3 Key Elements where I got to master my skills on becoming a powerful influence on others. Something I’ve discovered is that the learning never ends, and through trial and error, I’ve learned to overcome many things in my life with the help of equestrian training.


Hi everyone! My name is Sadie Nielsen and I’m incredibly excited to be here at Bridle Up Hope. It is a little sanctuary up here in the mountains, where you really can find inner peace and happiness.


I’ve been riding since I was a little girl. One of my favorite pictures is of me and my dad riding our horse Ben, and my hands waving in the air because I was so happy to be up there. I grew up riding on the trails of the desert in Arizona, where one of my favorite things to do was herd the cattle down the mountain. It takes a lot of patience and trust in your horse to help you move over 60 cattle where you want them to go, and after about 4-5 long grueling hours, you and your horse successfully move the cattle safely back into their pasture below the mountain, and it’s a really accomplishing feeling.


We moved to a new house when I started junior high, and we were able to build a small pasture in the back. It was the greatest blessing to be able to go out and ride after school every day. From riding horses, I’ve learned about responsibility, confidence, tenderness, and hope. Horses are wise creatures that really do feel what you feel. I often talk to my horses and feel they understand my pain, sorrow, and fear. I never underestimate their ability to help me through my problems.


Hey! My name is Kaitlyn Arnesen and I’ve loved horses for as long as I can remember! My favorite thing growing up was going to my grandma’s house because I got to ride her horses. But as we didn’t get to do that very often I just kept my horse-love alive by watching movies and reading books. I would ask my parents all the time if I could get a horse and they would always say no way! But one time I asked my dad and he said “As soon as you can answer any question I ask from your horse book.” Little did he know I already had the whole book memorized! So I brought it to him right then and answered all his questions perfectly! He was so surprised and said that I needed to understand that horses were lots of work and asked a neighbor if I could help take care of his horses. And so I did—everyday, multiple times a day, I went out and fed the horses, cleaned their stalls, gave them medicine, and every other chore my neighbor could think up! Sometimes I woke up at 5 in the morning to makes sure I had enough time to take care of the horses and get to school on time! Months later, much to everyone’s surprise (especially my mom) my dad and I brought home my new best friend, Jet!


Through the years, my horse has been my best friend. There have been so many times when I’ve felt embarrassed, or hurt, or confused, or lost and gone to my horse and it’s like he already knows what is wrong and just wants to take care of me and remind me that he loves me. Some of my favorite memories are going on long trail rides in the mountains after a hard day or week and just talking to my horse about anything I was thinking about. And after every ride I felt happier, and ready to take on the world! Horses have an amazing way of loving you unconditionally. They love us regardless of who we are, what we’ve been through, or the choices we’ve made. Their capacity for love is limitless, and I’m so happy that I get to share that love with the girls at Bridle Up Hope!


Hey! My name is Shannon Daniels, and big surprise, I love horses! I grew up in Tokyo, Japan, where my love for animals began to grow. I never played with Barbies or dolls growing up—it was always animals. Because I grew up in Tokyo, I never had the chance to ride horses, but had always wanted to. Once I moved back to the states I was able to pick up horseback riding, and have never looked back! I do an English style of riding called Eventing, which includes three events—dressage, show jumping, and cross country. I competed throughout the years and owned a Mustang named Black Jack and a Dutch Warmblood-Arabian named Levi.


Horseback riding is a huge source of joy in my life. I love horses and am passionate about it. Horseback riding has taught me so much about life—patience, responsibility, accountability, selflessness, hard work, and how to prioritize. I am so excited to share the joy of horseback riding with others!


Hello! My name is Sidney Turner. I’m so excited to share my love for horses with other people! I have been around horses as long as I can remember. I got my first horse, Peaches, when I was 8. A funny story about her, we didn’t know she was pregnant when we got her! A few weeks later she had a baby and we named her Serendipity. I took lessons on Peaches for years, she is the one who taught me what a strong bond a girl and her horse can have.


After falling in love with riding and competing in little shows around town I found my love for barrel racing and rodeos. I convinced my dad to let me get a horse to compete in high school rodeos on. Her name was Sadie. We also had the opportunity to carry sponsor flags for the Strawberry Days and Alpine Days rodeos. We learned so much together!


I can’t wait to share the fulfillment that horseback riding has brought to me through Bridle up Hope!


Hey there! My name is Madison, but you can call me Maddy. I love animals, especially horses. I grew up with horses right in my backyard and was on a horse before I could walk. My parents taught me how to ride, starting with our Welsh pony, Shasta. I competed in 4-H for eight years, where I was judged in both show and speed events. I started competing on a bay pony named Brownie, the perfect combination of laziness and explosive speed. Brownie definitely triggered my love for speed.


The horse that impacted me the most was a tall palomino quarter horse I named Honey Buns. I learned many important lessons from Honey including patience, communication, and how to work through failure, to name a few. I absolutely love to take Honey to the racetrack and let her run full out. The feeling of rushing wind and long strides make it feel as though I’m flying. I’m looking forward to learning more about training young and green horses and learning more valuable lessons.


I know how much a horse influences people’s lives. I love sharing my passion for horses and watching others fall in love with them too. I can’t wait to see how the girls grow at Bridle Up Hope.


Hi! My name is Whitney Purvis. I have been married to my wonderful husband Kyle for 2 years. I grew up in American Fork, Utah. I am the 5 child out of 7 kids. We almost have our own family herd 😉


Ever since I was a little girl, I have had a strong love for horses. From reading horse books to hanging up horse pictures. I started taking riding lessons when I was around 9 years old. Those lessons started a bond with horses that I will have forever. Those lessons were my favorite hour of the week. I was able to later participate in parades and local horse shows, competing in western pleasure and speed events. I always wanted a horse of my own. I would ask my parents for one for my birthday or Christmas, or even all of them combined for the rest of my life. But still no horse. And you know what? I am glad my parents didn’t just buy me one because they taught me an important lesson. Work hard for something that you love. And so I did just that. Later in high school, we were learning how to train horses in my lessons. It so happened that I was able to buy one of the horses that we were training. In fact, I cried when I found out. Happy tears of course! My horse’s name is Jodi and she is a buttermilk buckskin quarter horse. We have done many things together including the Buffalo Round Up rodeo, flags in the Alpine Rodeo, and started running barrels (another dream to pursue).


I know firsthand how horses can make a difference in people’s lives. I am an example of it. I have learned that anything is possible with a passion, hard work, and dedication. I am truly excited to see horses work their magic in the girl’s lives at Bridle Up Hope!