Can boys participate in Bridle Up Hope?

No, Bridle Up Hope is designed only for girls.

Where do the equestrian experiences take place?

The Bridle Up Hope program is located in Alpine, Utah, this is a beautiful facility on 6 acres.

How can I be a volunteer at Bridle Up Hope?

We would love to have you help out at the barn! In order to be a volunteer at Bridle Up Hope, you must first be accepted into the program. Once in the program, you commit to volunteering at the barn one hour per week. There is always something to be done at the barn, so feel free to volunteer as much as you would like during the scheduled volunteer hours.

Does it cost me anything to participate?

The cost per rider for this incredible experience is $2,000.00. Thanks to generous donors covering a portion of the expenses, families of riders are only responsible for the remaining $1,300 for the 13-week program.

Do I need to have prior horse experience to participate?

Nope. You don’t need to have any prior experience with horses.

Can I apply to the Program with a friend?

Yes. However, our riding program is reserved for private lessons between one rider, the instructor, and the horse. This is where the magic happens.

What should I wear to my weekly equestrian experience?

Wear comfortable clothes. For the comfort of the rider, please wear long pants and closed-toe shoes.

Helmets must be worn and are provided at the barn. In the wintertime, bring a jacket, hat, and gloves, and dress in layers.