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At Bridle Up Hope, a non-profit charity, we believe that every young woman has great worth and potential and our mission is to help you find this through equestrian training. The cost per rider for this incredible experience is approximately $2,000. We ask the family to cover $1,300 ($100 per lesson). This expense can be paid up front or spread evenly over a 6-month period. Girls may also apply for a scholarship as needed.


Bridle Up Hope’s unique program is comprised of three parts:


1) Learning how to care, connect, and communicate with a horse during 13 weeks of hour-long equestrian experiences with a private instructor.


2) Learning life skills, incorporated into the equestrian experiences, based on the book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, by the Bridle Up Hope founder, Sean Covey.


3) Learning to give back by volunteering at the barn a minimum of one hour each week during scheduled volunteer hours.


In addition, during summer months, we offer the girls an opportunity to come to the barn and meet with other girls in a relaxed social setting. Named after the method of communication between horses, a low and gentle neigh, we lovingly call this gathering the “Whinny (win-ee) Girls”.


To apply, we just need a short description of your situation, photograph, and your contact information. Once you have received an acceptance email, our Program Director will be in touch with you to schedule your 13 equestrian experiences. This is based on availability.



To apply, please fill out the form below. Then click SUBMIT.


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